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The purpose of Maddie’s Miracle, and objects for which the charity is established, is to:

Advance the education of women, families and healthcare professionals in breastfeeding and its related factors; and 2. Preserve and protect the mental and physical health and well-being of women through the antenatal, childbirth, postnatal and breastfeeding stages of motherhood. This is done through the provision of physical, emotional and practical support; and through education.

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We aim to provide skilled, qualified breastfeeding guidance and support wherever it is needed within the UK. Our mission is for the bus to be in continuous transit, driven from location to location by willing volunteers. The travelling bus will host professionals providing voluntary support to women within the areas that we visit. We will have doulas, midwives, breastfeeding counsellors, La Leche League Leaders, International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, sling consultants and other professionals on board - this varies according to dates and the needs of the different regions. 

The bus is designed to provide a comfortable, safe and appropriate setting for lactation support. The support is open to all - mothers, partners and older children. The mobile nature of the bus means that we can also support local groups of breastfeeding supporters. In a climate of increasingly swathing cuts to breastfeeding support around the country, local groups are working hard to  remain functional. Anything that can raise awareness of breastfeeding support services and attract funding and media coverage may well be useful in some locations!

Fundamentally, this bus will belong to women. A safe space for mothers to receive evidence-based information about infant feeding and support for the valuable job of parenting. 

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