Who Are We?

We are a group of Breastfeeding Supporters and Birthworkers (doulas and midwives) working together to create a mobile breastfeeding support clinic. On one level, it is just a converted bus, but on another we are creating a country-wide community of people committed to working together to support breastfeeding families.

There are many women across the UK who are isolated for different reasons, or can’t access services and support, or their area may not have adequate services.
New mothers may be in need of breastfeeding guidance and support but perhaps can’t move due to c-section, or are isolated geographically or due to mental/emotional reasons. The quality (and quantity) of NHS-provided support varies across the UK, family and friends support varies from person to person. Some mums may be very well supported while others are in dire need of it.
Getting the right information and support as a new mum impacts the baby’s feeding, sleeping and growth and likewise impacts the mum’s (and partner’s) sleep and overall wellbeing – so this support is very important.

Founders & Trustees

Maddie McMahon, Trustee

Zohar Maher, doula
Becky Young, doula and trainee breastfeeding counsellor
Maddie McMahon, doula and breastfeeding counsellor


Hayley Shing
Bronwen Atken

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